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Whilst treading my path of holistic health and over all wellness, I have had the privilege of making new connections with like-minded ladies.  These beautiful souls have introduced me to the world of dōTERRA.

Essential oils are something that I have always experimented with and used; usually in an oil burner as I love the aroma each particular oil gives off, but once I was lovingly gifted some dōTERRA Essential Oils to try, I was hooked!

The benefits from using these little bottles of liquid gold are endless. And, they are safe to use on the whole family.

I no longer just use them in an oil burner. They are now apart of my daily lifestyle; from my oil pull in the morning, cleaning products, complimenting my meditation practice, reiki, diffusing in my bedroom at night, and everything in between.

Oils are also now what I only use as a perfume; no more chemist bought perfume or chemicals on my skin.

If you are like me, and looking at taking charge of your whole being, health and overall wellness, these pure plant extract bottles of bliss, are certainly worth checking out!

Feel free to check out my dōTERRA site! Flick me a message or an email if you’d like some more info, or a sample to try.


Take care of you

Trene x



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