Hey there!

I literally just want to share what I am currently feeling ♡

A positive outlook on life for me, has always been my go to…as a little girl I could generally be found in “my own little world” where everything was happy + loving + peaceful all of the time…. a place to escape the reality of whatever was going on at home….
As I got older I managed to successfully question the “authority figures” in my life… I spoke my truth even when it made others question their own… I spoke up when I felt or saw an injustice….until I didn’t. Eventually it was kinda drummed into me that life was what it was, and that the place I was seeking; didn’t exist….so then I literally escaped , I ran away, I moved out, I went back, I moved out …. I guess I was searching for that same feeling of safety or contentment or love or whatever the fuck it was I used to escape to when I was younger….
Fast forward to now (or actually to when Jack entered my little world)….I “remembered”; the place I was seeking is always with me…. and feeling ALL the feels associated with me (all of us) being spiritual beings having human experiences, is a requirement of the whole earthly journey….
We need to experience all of the feels….the good, the bad, the sad, the totally WTF feels…all of it….so that we remember; we remember to turn inwards…to look within ♡
For when we stop searching + start listening to our inner compass + focus within, we all have our “own little world” …
And it lives within our hearts…
So be positive, yes… but allow yourself to feel ALL the feels 💫 that is where expansion + growth + love + acceptance can truly be found.
And, if you know me at all; you know I feel everything… #empathlife

Until next time, take care of you

Trene x

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