Let me reintroduce myself ♡

Firstly; I genuinely hope everyone who is reading this post is keeping well, strong and healthy ♡
Secondly; When I say I’m sending you all healing energy and bucket loads of love; I am ♡💫
With all the talk in the world at the moment around COVID-19, it would be easy for me to write this post solely on that, and everything else associated with it…so I’m NOT!
Anyone who knows me personally, knows my stance on all things COVID-19… I’ll leave that, at that.
Which brings me to this; let me introduce/ reintroduce myself…

Hey there
I’m Katrina… commonly known as Trene, Trina, Treenie, and/or Shortty
Over the past 12 months or so I have grown, I have changed, and I have evolved. AND SO CAN YOU!
Right now, in this moment, I am focusing more on me and my boys.
I’ve learned to turn my own fierceness in my heart down without drowning out my passion….not to be so reactive
I’ve learned to sllloooowwwwlllyy let people back into heart…I don’t always have to be so brave that people can not reach me
I’ve learned to switch off my stubbor-ness, so my mind is wide open to any, and all possibilities
I’m embracing discomfort…with discomfort comes expansion, growth and healing 💫
I call myself out on all my mistakes…
I take ownership of my thoughts, my feelings and my words…
I rejoice at spending time with genuine people, like minded people, people who see me for who I am….
I commit to rituals that make my heart sing…meditation, yoga, journaling, moon rituals, reiki, tarot and moving my body through all forms of physical exercise…
I’ve also learned to disconnect from those who emotionally, physically and energetically drain me; and that is ok 🙏🏼
With the boys being older; they are no longer “kids”, they no longer rely on me as much as they once did. My relationship with each of them has also grown and evolved.
Now its more about guidance, letting go, and allowing each of them to continue to grow into amazing men.
They all have hearts that are both kind, yet fierce…
Souls that are caring, yet brave…
Minds that are open, yet strong…
They continue to crack open my heart each time they grow, they learn and they evolve… just knowing that I have played a part in that; swells my heart with love, pride and gratitude 🙏🏼
All 3 of them unknowingly push me each day to step up. To speak up. To be true to myself. To walk my talk. To be the best version of me…
And that version of me, is constantly growing and evolving…

Until next time; take care of you
Trene x


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