2019… thanks for the lessons ♥︎

Hey there!


Secondly; well done on surviving 2019. Is it just me? But OMG what a year it was!

In saying that, I am so full of gratitude for what the past year bought, and taught me.

2019 in a nutshell, was all about loss, strength, reflection and gratitude for me.

The loss of relationships. Gratitude for the ones I didn’t lose. Thankful for the new ones I have made. Blessed for all of it!

Discovering the strength I always knew I had in me, but never was quite game to use.

The ability to delve deep into all past and present versions of myself, and events that had led me to where I was in 2019, and reflect….truly, deeply and honestly reflect. Clearly is see it all for what it was. Clearly understand the why’s around how I got to where I was in my life. Acknowledge and own it all for what it taught me. Allow the feelings attached to it all engulf me. Sit and meditate with each feeling, and then with a grateful heart and spirit, give thanks for it all and respectfully release it.

Everything that I had grown through not only in the past year but also throughout my life, had bought me to the here and now. Each event, each milestone, each heartache, each love-filled moment, all helped shape and mould me into the current version of me.
And for that; I am grateful!

I have learned and discovered things about myself that I “knew” existed inside me, but I kept submissive.

I have looked one of my greatest fears directly in the eye and silently declared….” bring it”.

I have taken the time to tap into my heart. Listen to what it had to say, and then surrendered to following it.

I have a clearer ability to trust my gut and intuition, question my ego (head), follow my heart, for it is the heart that knows best….
And lovingly trust the Universe like a child trusts their parent; that all be divinely how it is meant to be.

So, here is to 2020! What a year I know it’s going to be.

Wishing everyone abundant love, good health, happiness and peace always ♥︎

“don’t hide from heartbreak
for it will show you more truth than a thousand days
live in it, soak in it
and let it evolve you
into your next and greater form”

Until next time; take care of you

Trene x

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