It’s not always love and light…

Hey there!

Ok… so today is/was “R U Ok day”

A day where we as a collective remember the importance of checking in with each other… a day where we share posts about mental health and help assist in bringing to forefront the importance of recognising all aspects of mental health; from anxiety right through to suicidal thoughts…. this is a day where we remember that just because you can’t “see” mental illness, it is very much present in today’s society.

Unfortunately, even though we have this national day of recognition, there are people among us that still will not understand what it’s like to live with a mental illness….

Because you don’t always look sad, or depressed….

But this is when you need to look longer at someone….take the time to “listen” when they speak, not so you can reply, but so you can hear what they are not saying….

You see, the people that mental illness affects the most, are usually the ones wearing the biggest smiles. We are the ones so used to not being heard that we learn to wear a mask… we are so used to being misunderstood that whenever anyone asks how we are; we are always “fine” ….everything is always “all good” …and if we run around after everyone else, we don’t have time to slow down to think about anything…. until you do!

Until you have to confront your own mind. You have to put on your big girl pants and just show the fuck up for yourself… Until you have to meet your own mind head-on and demand your own worthiness….

And that, even though it is emotionally draining, physically tiring and spiritually demanding….that is where you realise your value, your true strengths and how you must experience the darkness to truly love and live in the light ✨

So yes, acknowledge “R U OK DAY” but remember that for some, every day is “R U Ok day”…..

And yes….for any of you who know me, and know my own mental illness struggles;

I am finally OK ✨❤️

I will continue to share my darker, sometimes negative aspect of myself….because I no longer wear a mask…

I’m forever grateful for my own experiences in the darkness….they taught me that I’m better than that, and as much as I thought I was not loveable or worthy; I now know I am ❤️

And so are you!

So be magnificent. be happy. be love. and always be your true authentic self.

And if you ever want to talk to someone who may just happen to understand….

I’m always available.

So……”R U Ok?”

Until next time, take care of you

Trene x

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