Rejection equals Redirection

Hey there!

So over the past few weeks, I have consciously been putting into practice all of the values, practices and mantras that I hold dear to my heart.

During this time I’m sure the Universe/God/ Spirit [insert what is applicable for you] has decided to test my faith, in not only my belief in my faith, but also my belief in myself; presenting me with challenges that I used to once go into panic over. The panic would turn to anxiety, the anxiety would result in a full blown panic attack, and I’d end up emotionally and mentally exhausted (usually for days), questioning my worthiness, and consumed with self doubt, border-lining self hate….

Not this time!

This time, I know my worth.

This time, I know my strengths.

This time, I trust my faith.

This time, I trust the process.

This time, I get to put into practice EVERYTHING I have grown through over my time on this beautiful planet.

I no longer hear the words and name calling echoing in my mind from the past.

I no longer look for outside reassurance.

I no longer wait to be “given permission” from others to express my myself.

I breathe…

I align…

I remember who I was before my past environments and society decided differently….

I honour and acknowledge the girl I was and the woman of my past.

I trust the woman I am today and honour her for all she has experienced, all she has witnessed, and all she is yet to evolve into…

I look the challenges presented to me in the eye…

I acknowledge them…

I feel them…

And I love hard through them…

I have learned that it’s natural and only human to feel ALL emotion.

It’s ok to feel both negative and positive emotion.

Without the negative.

Without the fear.

Without the hurt.

I would not get to experience and appreciate gratitude, positivity and love (both self love and for others) in the enormity that I do!

So, here’s to the challenges! And teaching me that “blocks”, negativity and rejection of any description, is merely leading to redirection.

And for that, I am thankful!

Until next time,

Trene x

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