Happiness starts with me…

Hey there,

Are you doing you?

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Are you taking ownership of your own happiness?

These are all things that I never did…

I thought I did. Or, I used to do and then due to fear; I stopped.

Fear of failure.

Fear of embarrassment.

Fear of making others uncomfortable.

Fear of not being liked…

So I conformed.

I dimmed my inner light.

I retreated into myself.

I tried to drown out my inner voice and intuition.

Until I didn’t…..

Am I still afraid of failure- yes! That’s how I grow and learn. If I don’t fail, I don’t learn.

Am I fearful of being embarrassed- yes! That’s how I learn to push through boundaries and step out of my comfort zone.

Am I fearful of making others uncomfortable-yes! That’s how I learn who my “tribe” is. Who are my people? Who is in my circle. And who I am willing to allow into my space and energy.

Am I fearful of not being liked-yes! That is how I find and attract like-minded people. People who might not always agree or see things from my perceptive, but share my love of healthy, insightful and respectful discussions and conversations.

Allowing all parties to grow, learn and support each other…

Wellbeing is also happiness.

We can be “well”.

We can be “fit”.

We can be “mentally stable”.

We can be “emotionally strong”.

Without necessarily being happy…..

For me; happiness equates to doing me…

Not looking to outside influences to make me happy…

Happiness + wellbeing starts within me ✨

Until next time,

Trene x

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