Hey there!

Oh. My. God, its April already!

I’m not entirely sure where this year has gone, but it feels like it is flying by…

So, my “baby” has just turned 15!
Where did that time go? It only feels like yesterday that we filled our days around Thomas the Tank Engine, running the older boys around, and aiming for a 7:30pm bedtime. Now, I spend my time running him around, watching any, and every football game that is televised, and insisting he’s in bed and lights out by 10 at the latest!

I love celebrating my boys birthdays. For me, I use this time as a time of reflection. Reflecting on how each of them has grown and matured. Remembering when times were a little simpler. Reliving the memories that are etched in my heart from the past….

One of and the most recent memory I have with my youngest is the time we spent in England last Sept/Oct.
Harry was never sure about sport when he was younger. He had one brother who loved and played rugby league, and another who loved and played football (soccer). Harry spent his time shuttled between both sports every day due to training and games for both brothers.
He tried rugby league when in U6s; decided that wasn’t for him. Then at age 11, decided because he spent more time than not at a football field, due to his brother doing so well at the sport, he may as well sign up and play himself. So began my new routine of “eat, sleep, football, repeat”…. Between Harry and his brother, I pretty much lived and breathed football, and could be (still can be)found at a football ground.

Fast forward to last September; Harry at 14 is now playing at NPL level, just completed his 2nd consecutive Australian National West Ham United camp, and he and I were preparing to fly (along with his team) to England for him to participate in a camp over there.
To be totally honest, I’m not sure who got more from the experience; Harry gaining confidence, and having the pleasure of being coached by, and learning from some fantastic and elite coaches, as well as pushing himself to be competitive against some tough and well-drilled academy teams. Or me, having the pleasure of witnessing him grow, develop and totally flourish in an environment that he clearly feels so at ease in….

We attended some great games while there. We saw Harry’s beloved Manchester City play at Etihad Stadium. We had stadium tours of the likes of Wembley Stadium. Harry made new friends and developed a deeper knowledge, understanding, and skills of the sport he feels so passionate about. And I, well I got to feel my heart swell with pride. I got to witness this whole experience through Harry’s eyes. I had the opportunity to have one on one time with Harry that I hadn’t had before. And, etch more memories into my heart….
As this week wraps up and his birthday has come and gone for another year, I still reflect. Not just on my memories of Harry, but also of his older brothers. After being told that I may possibly never successfully carry a baby to term. After losing twin girls at 22 weeks gestation in between Harry and his older brother (I will share that another time); I am reflecting and giving thanks for the 3 miraculous gifts that I have been so graciously blessed with.

My boys are my biggest teachers, but also my biggest and by far, my best achievements!

So, happy birthday, to my not so little April fool. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings for you!

And, until next time, take care of you.

Trene x


One thought on “Memories…

  1. Children are such a gift and lesson providers (whether you want these lessons or not 😃😆😕😉).
    And grandchildren… another level of love 😍💙💙💖💙💙
    Thanks for sharing and the reminder of all children bring into our lives. Xx

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