No Regrets….

Hey there!

Well we are in; the house I mean. There is still LOADS to do, which meant for the first week of us living there, my alarm clock was tradies; tradies STILL working on the house, but we are here. 

At the moment I’m kinda comparing house building to pregnancy and birth. At first, you are unsure because whether you have just discovered you are growing another human being, will be birthing, and then responsible for that little human being for the rest of your days, or are buying or building your home; it’s a big financial commitment. Then excitement sets in. Ideas start to flow about the design and what your home will look like. You meet with the architect to go over drawings and the design brief (similar to looking at your baby’s first ultra sound and making sure that every is how it should be), meet with the trades who will ultimately be the ones you’re entrusting to follow the plans, to deliver you your home within the estimated time frame allowed. You move in, fuss and cluck (nest), then sit back and take the time to admire your new surroundings. Just like labour and birth, all of the emotions that you felt during the whole process begin to feel like a very distant memory. You look around at what you’ve achieved and can see that it was all worth it. Until of course your husband says…….

 “we should build another one!”

 Ummmm, NO! See the comparison? Just like pregnancy and childbirth!

Anyway, life is slowly returning to a more mellow, relaxed state. I’ve stopped heading to our old address whenever I leave the house, and my mind has recalibrated my internal compass to our new home. The kids have settled; son number one moved out with some mates, then work took him to Brisbane, so to make life financially easier; he has just now moved home. Son number two is working, enjoying life as a young adult, and playing the sport he loves (football). The baby of the family, and now also officially the tallest, is (besides enjoying school life) having a fantastic football season and looking forward to heading to London in Sept/Oct to play, train and further develop his football skills. 

Oh and also, son number one is just about to turn 21! When did that happen? It only feels like yesterday that I was experiencing the uncertainty I mentioned earlier; when you discover you are going to be a parent….. next minute you blink, turn around once and he’s turning 21! 

Just the other night, Craig and I were reflecting; as much as my life path has been bumpy, and at some points just a downward spiral; I have no regrets. Every little moment and encounter has led me to the here and now. Each event, despite how it made me feel at the time, has moulded and shaped me in to the person I am today. And all of those bumps, spirals, twists and turns on my journey lead me to Craig, and because of him……we now are five. 

Regrets, definitely not; blessings in disguise I like to think ♥︎  



Until next, take care of you 

Trene x

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