Rituals ✨

Hey there!


We all have them. That moment where it feels like you’ve been forehead slapped. That moment where you actually say ” a-ha” out loud. In amongst my latest (not necessarily my greatest) wave of panic and anxiety, it hit me……“A-HA, that’s it!” I had/have been so consumed with anxiety, that I had forgotten to actively participate in two of my many, but ever so important, daily rituals. Which (in my mind) has contributed, to why I have been seriously overwhelmed with life.


  • Big Rocks & Little Rocks; my awesome gratitude journal/diary has a space allocated to the beginning of each month, to list my goals for the month. BIG ROCKS = the goal/s; LITTLE ROCKS = the how/what steps I need to take, what course of action is required and how to implement those strategies to successfully achieve my desired outcome= GOAL/BIG ROCK.

I totally skipped that part of October {gasp!}

Now the biggie……….

  • The Attitude of Gratitude; every single day, without fail, I give thanks for absolutely everyone and everything that crosses my path. Normally, I take the time at the end of the day, when the kids and hubby are tucked up in bed, to write at least three things from the day, that I am grateful for. I mean, I give thanks mentally each morning and night, but what I have been failing to do recently was; WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN!!

You see; like a legal document, or binding contract between two parties, when you take the time to hold space, write down exactly what you are grateful for, what your monthly/weekly/daily intentions (goals),  you are actively showing up and participating with setting intentions. It sets the precedent, “seals the deal”, between your higher self and the Universe/God/Spirit for more good, loving and positive experiences and people, to enter your life. Gratitude is one of the most important elements for success.

Looking back over the past month, I was successfully not showing up. I was no longer actively participating in the what/who I was/am grateful for. When I did take the time to give thanks and express gratitude, I did it mentally. Reflecting back, I was hurriedly  doing it from a primarily fear based emotion of panic, and anxiousness, not from a place of love and acceptance.

I allowed fear to override the feeling of love. I subconsciously gave permission for fear to take hold and keep me down. It’s easy to do. When you are emotionally and mentally exhausted, it is easy to find comfort, and surrender to fear and negativity. It’s bloody hard work getting up, putting on your big girl pants, and facing fear head on; but in saying that, I’ve learned that love and positivity is stronger 🖤 I’ve forgiven myself for letting these sacred rituals that I hold dear to my heart slip. And, I’ve given up keeping score with anxiety, with who wins each battle. I am though, determined to outright win the internal war!

So, on the tail end of my light bulb,”a-ha”moment, I am promising myself, that no matter how I’m feeling, I WILL show up. I WILL honour the soul contract that I have made between my higher self and the Universe. And, I WILL continue to implement my daily rituals, despite how I’m feeling!

And, on that note; I’m off to journal. Tomorrow is a new month, I have BIG ROCKS and LITTLE ROCKS to plan…..

Until next time, take care of you.

Trene x

P.S Before I go, I have to say, doTERRA oils are the best #justsayin’

Hopefully, I’ll share more on that next time…..


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