Practicing what I preach……..

Hey there!

WOW, nearly the end of June; I’ve been a little slack on the blog front!

To be honest, I have been taking some time to work on myself. Nothing to big, or out of the ordinary; continuing to keep myself nourished, by taking a proactive stance with my general wellbeing-mind, body and spirit, AND (touch wood) I have felt the best I have felt in the longest time.

I won’t bore you with the details, but to cut a really long story short, I have actually been practicing what I preach (yes, yes Craig, I finally listened to you).

I mean, I still worry myself stupid. I still over think everything and every situation, I still let fear and unworthiness pop in from time to time, BUT now I am in some sort of control as to how I entertain these feelings, and for how long.  Don’t misunderstand me, this is no easy task; I have finally learned, that I am stronger than I have ever given myself credit for.

For example; since my last post, I have “lost” friends. I jumped on Facebook and realised that posts from people who usually showed up in my news feed, or notifications from where I had “liked” or commented on a post, were no longer available for me to view. This did bother me! I automatically went into a panic. “What have I done?” “Did I say something wrong?” “Did I do something to offend those people?” “How will these people now treat me when they see me?” This will sound ridiculous, but I spiralled all the way back to good old familiar, mr unworthiness. He let me hang with him for a few days, he fuelled my panic, stroked my self-doubt, and repeated the mantra I knew so well “if your own mother doesn’t like you , how do you expect others to like you”……. but this time, I felt a shift, it was like a big “F#@K YOU ego”, I am not that person! I put into practice exactly what I preach, and surrendered my fears and negative thoughts AND, once again I found myself reconnecting with the Universe/God and giving thanks. Giving thanks, to being shown that there is a lesson in every relationship that crosses my path, reminding me that I am not for everybody, and that’s ok.

You see, we are the authors of our own story, we can change our story at anytime, but its got to be done with feeling. The energy we project out to the world, is what will in return, reflect back to us. If we are choosing a life from a fear based energy, such as unworthiness, resentment, anger and self-doubt; fear based energy is what we will attract. The same works for love based energy.

“When we allow ourselves to lovingly surrender and go with the flow, rather than resist and push against it, we are open to allow the universe to lead us toward that, which serves our highest good” ❤️🙏🏼

At the end of the day, I believe we are all here doing the best we can. With so much negativity and fear in the world, I truly believe that peace and love, begins within the heart and soul of each of us. One small loving gesture you do for yourself will have a domino effect within your immediate little world, which will roll on to your outer world, and so on and so forth-but you have to do it with feeling. 

Give thanks. Be grateful, even when things get you down, or appear to not be turning out how you’d like. Keep a gratitude journal, try to find at least three different things each day to be genuinely grateful for; some days you may struggle to find three, other days you may fill three pages 🌈

“Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate” ~Jordan Bach

So, as I finish my post and leave you until next time, and if you’re not already keeping a journal or giving thanks for all the amazing and loving blessings you have in your life; humour me, give it a go, you won’t be sorry, and who knows, you may just happen to attract more love, blessings and amazing things into your already amazing life!



Until next time, take care of you.

Trene x



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