2016 “Taking Care of Me”

Hey there!

I know this is a little late but, Happy New Year.

It has been months since I have written anything. To be totally honest, I have been laying low……There has been a huge amount of change occurring in my little world, and for a long time I have felt that my thoughts, feelings and the events taking place in my life, pale in, or are not as significant, in comparison to others.

After taking the time, and holding space, for getting in touch with past and current hurts, both during, and immediately after Wanderlust, I was reminded of my own mantra, “take care of you”. So, instead of looking toward others for answers, I took the time to listen to me, my heart, and my husband. I replied to an email applying to become an “Earth Angel” for a local, yet taking the world by storm organisation, Earth Events. Guess what??? They must’ve liked me, my application was successful!! Basically, my role is to attend events that this awesome company put together and organises for other awesome, well known people, and contribute to the event running smoothly; from welcoming the guests and making sure that they have their gift bags, to setting and packing up, and everything in between. And,  I also get to sit in on the event! The overall feeling and energy is nothing short of amazing. Just like Wanderlust; to be in a room full of people whose sole intent and actions come from a loving, mindful and kind place is bliss. There is no judgement, because everyone there is there to educate, and learn from a place of good and positive intentions, there is no space for judgment and fear. It was here, in this space, that I made my decision to take leave from work, and some aspects of my life as I knew it to be…………

At the same time, each of our boys were about to embark on new life adventures. Our eldest son was flying to, and staying in the USA for an extended period of time. Our middle son, was accepted in to a different school. When we applied we were hopeful, but not really expecting him to be offered a position. And, our youngest, was about to start on the next chapter of his schooling life, with the upcoming move in to high school. I had fears regarding all of their changes, even though logically I knew they would be fine, I had this “heaviness” and fear regarding all of changes and events that I could not explain.

Full of doubt and fear I applied for, and was granted leave at work, at that point, everything shifted. My doubt and “heaviness” was gone, there was just one more obstacle to conquer; permission from myself. To allow myself this time to take care of me without fear, guilt, or any other emotion that hurtled its way toward me! If I’m going to be totally honest right now, I’m still getting my head around it, but there a moments when I allow myself to relax, really relax and let go, its kinda like relaxing into a nice warm bubble bath, and when I’m there, I  feel more present, present for both myself, and my family.

So, its fair to say that so far, 2016 has been a year of change for me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I function best with structure and routine, but that being said, I’m embracing 2016, the year of change, and set my intention for this year as simply,                    ” follow my heart’s desires”. 

I’m taking care of me, listening to my heart, embracing my leave, and looking forward to my next “Earth Angel” event 💜🌏😇

Until next time, I sincerely hope that you are taking care of you!

Trene x

“It is ok to rest-when I rest, my body and mind heals 💜”~Trene x





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