Love, not judge………

Hey there!

The other week I attended the Wanderlust Festival 2015, right here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast QLD Australia, and had a fantastic time! I remember watching the news earlier in the year when the Sunshine Coast Council announced the festival was coming to the coast, and feeling so excited. Yoga, meditation, lifestyle speakers, live music and entertainment, right here, literally 10 minutes from my front door-I couldn’t wait!

Yoga and meditation have been apart of my life for over the past ten years. The breathing techniques for both practices have helped me immensely with various life changing events that have, and are still, occurring within my life, as well as my anxiety and panic attacks. Regulating and focusing on breathe, not only helps with yoga postures, but it also helps with slowing the mind for when panic or anxiety kicks in. So, when the weekend (or more like the 4 days) finally arrived, I was definitely ready and keen to attend.

Prior to attending the weekend, I needed to schedule my days. I recall feeling frustrated with myself because there was specific sessions I wanted to attend, and when I tried to schedule myself into those particular classes, they were full-ARGH! Begrudgingly, I started to book myself into other classes/sessions, whilst continuing to put my name down on the waiting lists for the classes that were full in the hope of slotting into a slot.

Emotions were running high on Day 1, Thursday. Where do I go when I arrive? Will I know anyone there? Will I be able to successfully participate in everything I’ve signed up for? Will I be able to slot into the classes I’m on the waiting list for? To say that I was feeling overwhelmed, would be an accurate way to describe me that day!

My first session on the first day was “Float like a Butterfly, Focus like a Yogi” meditation was with yogi and meditator, Duncan Peak. I LOVED it! It set my mood for not only the day, but for the duration of the festival. I’m not going to give you a blow by blow, retell of my four days, but I do want to share the, or should I say, my “theme” and my “intention” that I took from this blissful experience.

Over the course of the four days, I never made any of the classes that I had put my name down on the waiting list for. So, because I believe that everything happens for a reason,I know that I was never meant to attend those sessions/classes, and I was definitely attending the ones that I needed to participate in. Every meditation that I did, and I mean every meditation, focused on my “inner child”; hence my theme for the course of the festival. Every class/session that I participated in touched my heart, soul and mind in ways that I wasn’t expecting. I laughed, cried, yoga-ed (is that even a word???), and meditated in ways that forced me to look at myself and my life, from a totally different perspective; the perspective of the little girl that resides in my heart, that needs nurturing-my “inner child”. We all have one, but how often do we take the time to listen to, and nurture that child? All to often, we get caught up in our fast paced, responsible, “adult” lives, and stop nurturing the essence of who we are, or worse, we totally ignore and forget, who we are.

By day three, after an awesome 90 minute yoga session, with Blissology Yoga couple, Eion Finn and the lovely, Insiya Rasiwala-Finn, we were guided to set ourselves an intention. So, whilst embracing Shavasana, letting my thoughts come, acknowledging them, and then letting them go, I received my intention…………Love! I’m thinking, love? Love what? Love more? I slowly quietened my thoughts and questions, and then it came…………..”Love, not judge”.

To make our intentions real, we were to share them with the person beside us. As I vocalised my intention, I felt every yoga session and every class up to that point in time fall into place. Loving and not judging also includes myself, my internal world, my inner child; take the time to nurture and take care of me without the fear of judgement either from myself or others. To know that I am worthy of love. To love others, not pass judgment, to be accepting of love………..and to be kind, always.

I had the privilege of meeting and working with some amazing people throughout my 4 day journey that was Wanderlust, and I am still over flowing with gratitude from the whole experience. The vibe and the energy when so many like minded people are together, is simply phenomenal!

You may not change the world, but you may just happen to be the change in someone’s world ❤️

✨Love others, without judgement.

✨Nurture your inner child, and to do so without fear of any judgement.

✨Embrace the diversity that makes us all who we are.

Until next time, take care of you.

Trene x

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