Dreams, Faith and Football……..

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So, I’ve been watching the news lately (something I don’t usually do), and I’ve noticed that there is a lot of hype at the moment within the sporting community regarding the one and only, Australian born Jarryd Hayne. As some of you are aware, I’m a mum of three beautiful sporting enthusiast boys, and a wife to a very passionate sporting enthusiast husband; so when the sport segment comes on the news in the evening, the whole house needs to be deathly silent so all sporting news can be heard throughout the entire house! Hence my interest in the subject that is Jarryd Hayne, at the moment.

Now, I follow sport, and I can genuinely say, as much as I don’t know Jarryd Hayne personally, I like him and what he represents, regarding rugby league. I can state proudly that I am my own boys biggest sporting fan and I even love playing sport. For the life of me though, I could not understand the public’s and my family’s amazement at Jarryd Hayne’s success that he is currently having in the United States in NFL (National Football League) with the San Francisco 49’s. Curious, I questioned why this was big news with my husband. I mean, doesn’t this sort of thing happen all of the time? My husband proceeded to fill me in on just how big NFL is in the U.S, and how difficult it is for players, who strive for years, to have the same success that Jarryd is currently having, and how no one really thought he would be so successful so quickly. He then asked me, “Don’t you remember when Jarryd left the NRL, and all of the hype around him at the time because he was walking away from a successful footy career to try to make it in NFL?” My response was simple, “Yes, I remember. Isn’t he just following his heart!”

When you follow your heart, and you live the path you are meant to be living, you can only have success!

At the height of Jarryd’s NRL professional rugby league career, in October 2014 , after contemplating the idea for a couple of years, Jarryd made the decision to withdraw himself from the Kangaroo Four Nations squad, gain conditional release from his NRL club (Parramatta Eels) and forgo all other representative league commitments, because he felt the need to “follow his heart” and try his hand in America in NFL. People within the rugby league community were left wondering why. Why, when he seemingly had the world at his feet, was in the middle of salary negotiations with the Parramatta Eels NRL club of negotiating a AU1.35 million dollar salary deal per season, over a five year contract, would he walk away from that? His response was this…….

“I never want to limit myself by doing things for other people, or to hold myself back because of someone else.”

Jarryd spoke of not knowing whether he should make his decision based on emotion, or on following his heart and dreams. He believed that it was emotion keeping him in the NRL at the Eels, he needed to trust the urge he felt to let go of that emotion and follow his dreams and heart. To him, none of the success he had experienced so far was about the status of being a well known footy player or the money. He simply wanted to do what he loved doing, which was playing footy. Jarryd has been quoted stating; “All I ever wanted to do was buy my mum a house. I’ve achieved that dream, now its time to chase another.” Which is exactly what he is now doing, with the support of his mum,his whole family and his unwavering faith in God.

“Without God, I can do much. With God, I can do ANYTHING”~Jarryd Hayne

I, personally am absolutely thrilled for Jarryd and the success that he is having. Not because of the fame, the status and money that will continue to come his way; instead, for the peace, the happiness and completeness he must be feeling in allowing himself the opportunity to follow his heart and to trust in his faith. He clearly knew what he needed to do, he trusted,he believed and he acted!

Why does it take for a sporting star, or any celebrity for that matter, to publicly state what I know is true, for people to sit up and take notice?

I believe we all “know”our path for this lifetime, we just forget over time and through society conditioning us, what our path, or life purpose is. How many times a month, a week, a day, do you catch yourself either doing something, or saying something that you actually don’t want to say or do? You do it anyway, even if it doesn’t “feel” right. I know I’m guilty of it!

can you remember who you were

Through all of my questioning, research and truth seeking, I am sure of one thing. We, are meant to be happy, doing whatever makes your heart sing. I know what it is I am meant to do, I lack the belief within myself to do it! Blogging is something I “know” that I am meant to do; tell my story, and hopefully inspire others to be the change that they are looking for in the world. I get lost, side tracked and down right fearful of stepping into my truth around others that are not my immediate family. I can, and do, easily and effortlessly remind those closest to me of their truth and what I “feel” they should do, when it comes to me listening to my own advise and acting on that knowledge, I lose all confidence within myself. I am also so aware of the divine guidance I have around me, encouraging, guiding and loving me, which I also successfully point out to others about themselves; I need to step up and trust in myself and my own faith.

✨Trust that the Universe/God/Goddess (whatever is applicable to you) has your back.

✨Trust that all of those niggly little thoughts that you have consistently, are in fact the Universe/God/Goddess guiding you back to your own path.

✨Trust yourself, and follow your heart and dreams.

✨Encourage and support others to follow their heart and dreams.

Choices quote

Today, and what it represents for me is a reminder that life is short. Be happy, be kind, embrace love and do what is right for you………..

Follow your dreams and your heart, you never know where they may lead you ❤️ 

Until next time, take care of you.

Trene x

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