Do you have it all???

Hey there!

As I was going back through my social media feeds-Facebook,Instagram and Twitter, I found that there is quite a bit of discussion, photos, positive quotations, etc around the phrase “having it all”. Which lead me to ponder………..

What is “having it all”? And, I guess more importantly for me, what does “having it all mean to me”?

As I thought about these questions, and what I want out of life, I instantly began reflecting on my life’s journey so far. Even though reflection can bring up past hurts, the current joys and the lessons those hurts have taught me, have shaped the person I have become, and still working on becoming. So, through reflection and taking the time to focus on some self awareness questions, I am comfortable with answering, and sharing with you (because sharing is caring 😉), the big question that would NOT go away on social media; “WHAT DOES HAVING IT ALL MEAN TO YOU?”

I actually believe that I already have it all. Or at least what I am meant to have for now. I am extremely lucky to have my own, and my family’s good health. Myself and my family are all happy and loved. We have a roof over our heads, good, healthy food in our bellies, clothes on our bodies, and abundant love and happiness in our hearts!

I thank the universe, God (insert whatever is applicable to you) every single day for the tremendous blessings I have, and I thank my husband and children every day for “choosing” me to share their life journey-what an honour!

I know I am exactly where I need to be, surrounded by the people I need to be with, learning the lessons I need to learn, and be taught right now. And, hopefully I am making a positive difference in other’s lives who have entered my life; teaching them what they need to learn from me, and educating them on the importance of love without fear and judgement, kindness and mindfulness.


I’m yet to be a well seasoned traveler, or a six figure earning entrepreneur, but I am more than grateful for what I do have and have accomplished, so far in my life right now, at this moment.

What does “having it all” mean to you?

Have you taken the time to self reflect, look back on how far you have come and what accomplishments you have achieved  whilst on your life journey?

What were the lessons you’ve been taught? Who has been your greatest teacher? And, I guess more importantly, what have you done to implement the lessons learned?

We are all life long learners, being educated by our surroundings and environment, and as Jessie J put it, “I still fall on my face sometimes, and I can’t colour inside the lines, cause I’m perfectly incomplete, I’m still working my masterpiece……….”

Until next time, be the best version of you that you can be and, take care of you 💜

Trene x

My Favourite song right now, feel free to dance to it, I do-ENJOY!

P.S I would love to hear what your “having it all” is 😊


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