When I grow up I wanna be a …………………Damn it, I am grown up!!!!!!

Hey there!

So last week with the help of a new friend, I had a light bulb moment 💡 Well, it was more like a confirmation of what I always knew, but OMG the feelings that came with that moment was a combination of joy, peace, happiness, fear and embarrassment; followed by an infinity of questions and more fear!

You see, I was guided by a new friend to ask myself and the universe, or angels or spirit, or God, (insert which ever is applicable to you)  about my life purpose. The answer, when I truly took the time to ask and then more importantly, listen to my answer; evoked multiple emotions within myself. My first reaction to this exercise was to share this information with my friend. As, I was excitedly typing my experience to her and then rereading what I had written, a new emotion took hold………stupidity! I found myself talking negatively to myself, ” what bull sh#$ Katrina, that’s not what you are!”, “you can’t possibly do that”, “who is going to listen to you?”, etc. So, I sheepishly apologised to my friend for bothering her, put all of the above information and feelings, safely away in a box branded DO NOT OPEN” and tried to hide it at the back of my mind! I avoided contact with my friend and lived in hope that all would be forgotten and never spoken of again.

For starters, one of things I happen to know about brains or minds is that they are all wired differently. This contributes to each of our own uniqueness, which can be significantly evident when comparing the female and male brain or mind. So, that fact alone was not working in my favour of never opening my “DO NOT OPEN” box. My female brain doesn’t “do” boxes! I recalled a comedy skit that I had watched whilst studying the human brain. How female brains have wires that are connected to each other, constantly buzzing, while a male brain is put in boxes, never connecting. Women think about everything, all of the time; men open the appropriate box, at the appropriate time that they need to think about that particular subject or thing.

Hence my inability to forget about my box, I’m female, I don’t get boxes-argh!!! Looks like I will be opening my non existent box……….

Take a quick look at what I mean


Meanwhile, while trying to forget about my life purpose exercise and everything else associated with it, my friend had replied to me (with absolutely loving words) AND, had been busy setting up introductions for me to network with like-minded people. Everything happens for a reason! 

Why did it take for me to participate in this exercise to remember my purpose?

When did I forget my purpose?

I remember as I was growing up being asked by my parents, teachers, and other influential people, what it is that I want to be when I grew up. My answers varied from things like a ballerina, singer, teacher, mum, famous netballer, hairdresser; I think even at one stage, I wanted to be a truck driver (don’t ask, I’m not sure!), depending on circumstances, friendship groups and interests at the time. My answers always came from the heart, with passion and determination. I recall the adult responses varying from things like, “wow, that sounds awesome”, “I hope you do!” and, “you can do/be whatever you want to do/be!” So, why is it when you get older and you answer those exact same life purpose questions honestly, with passion and determination; the same people who used to encourage you or dream with you, now ask hard questions to your responses, like why, or tell you that you can do better, stop being airy fairy, or it’s time to GROW up and live in the REAL world?

When did we stop believing in ourselves and each other? And more importantly, WHY?

I’m confident that myself and my husband have always encouraged our children to believe in themselves and their own abilities.  Even now with our eldest son being a 2014 year 12 graduate and not entirely sure of what it is he wants to do/be, the one thing we are insistent on is that he follows his heart, his passion. We don’t expect him to have his whole life mapped out at the ripe old age of 17, or to even know his own life purpose, we simply want for him to be happy, healthy, treat people how he would like to be treated, motivated to be the best version of himself that he can be, and in doing all of the above, trusting that he is following his life path to the best of his ability.

Have you taken the time to discover your life purpose?

Are you living the life you dreamed? 

Do you need to change your own self talk?

What would you do/be if there was no obstacles in front of you?

Are you living the best version of you?

I guess I have always known who I am and what I’m supposed to do, I just got caught up in all the “other” stuff, that I wasn’t fulfilling my true purpose to the best of my ability! Over the next few days or so that I will be spending some time on self-care, and then implementing strategies to keep myself on my life purpose path so I can continue to grow, learn and be the best version of me. Are you going to join me?

Until next time, take care of you!

Trene x

PS I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your purpose with me ❤️


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