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I hope everyone’s new year has got off to the same fantastic start that mine has. I have to admit, my new year’s eve was a quiet one. Instead of hitting the town and partying into the wee hours of the morning; I spent it reflecting on, and giving thanks and gratitude to 2014 and what it has taught me,setting my ‘theme’ (or intentions) for 2015, as well as releasing past hurts and fears in preparation for 2015.

When I took the time to sit down with pen and paper to write my list of things that I wished to release from the past year, it dawned on me that most of these things are fears and feelings that I have hung to for a very, no wait,very, very long time. The feeling I felt from simply putting these things on paper, in black and white, out in the open, was liberating within itself. What I thought would be a some what hard task; thinking of things/feelings that I no longer wanted in my life, turned into an avalanche of words rolling from the depths of my heart and soul, hitting the paper quicker than I could write! Words can’t really describe how it made me feel, but it felt good! As the clock struck 12, and after I kissed my loved ones and wished them all a happy new year, I went outside and burnt my list (that was actually two A4  pages long 😳) of things to release. OMG, that felt exhilarating! If you haven’t done this ritual before, I highly recommend it.

What fears are you holding on to?

How long have you felt this way?

Are you ready to release them? If not,why? What is it thats holding you back?

I know myself well enough to know that sometimes it’s easier to stick with the things/feelings that are familiar. Change, and/or letting go seems too hard, too scary or just downright too complicated. Anybody who knows me well, all so knows one of my favourite mantras,”everything happens for a reason”, for me it’s having the ability to accept in general; not only accepting change/letting go,but also to be accepting of receiving from others. This is something that I personally will be working on this coming year.

What will you do for your own self growth in 2015? 

My new years day was spent getting in touch with nature,grounding myself and appreciating my family. I absolutely loved new years day! I was up in time to see the first sun rise of the new year (also a new year ritual), then on the road. First stop of the day was experiencing the tranquil feeling from the up close, hand feeding encounter with some beautiful and gentle dolphins, followed by a hearty big breakfast (gluten-free, vegetarian for me) and then off to the beach. For me there is nothing like the sun on my back, sea breeze in my hair, feet in the sand and eyes fixed on the ocean to help make me feel alive, yet grounded.

How do you reconnect with nature? 

Do you take the time to reconnect with nature? If so, how often?

Where do you like to reconnect? Why?

To cap off my already perfect day, later that night I made my very first “vision movie”. I have in the past made vision boards, but this year I decided to Google (gotta love Google) digital vision boards in the hope of finding ideas for Pinterest, and came across the whole vision movie idea. So, using keynote I set about putting together a presentation of my dreams, aspirations, affirmations and intentions for the new year. I uploaded my presentation to iCloud, and can watch it (and I do) on all and any of my devices whenever I choose! Love it, give it a go, it doesn’t need to be an Oscar award winning “movie” for the public to be critical of and judge, the whole focus concept is that it is YOUR movie, the only person it needs to please is YOU! Doing this has helped me get clear on my intentions, the what,why and how for 2015.

What is it you want to achieve, acquire, learn,accomplish,etc?

Why do you want to achieve, acquire, learn, accomplish those things?

How are you going to go about achieving, acquiring, learning and accomplishing those things?

I love that my new year has kicked off in such a positive way, I hope yours as started the same!

Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings 😊

Until next time, remember to be the best version of you that you can be and, take care of you!

Trene x

be the best version of you

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