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“Everything happens for a reason.” Sometimes this statement is really hard to get my head around! In saying that, when I look back on things that have happened over the duration of my life, I have to admit that there aren’t too many events where I am still trying to figure the reason out. 

At the time, especially when the event or the life lesson is occurring, and its causing pain and heartache, it is very hard to make rhyme or reason as to why it is occurring. 

When I reflect on my past, there have been experiences that I certainly wish had never occurred, just like there are experiences and events that I love to relive each time I catch up with old friends. Each of these, both good and bad, positive and negative, joyous and heartbreaking have helped mould and sculpt me into the person I am today. I have learnt to look at the people who have entered my life; be it for a reason, a season, or a lifetime to be “teachers”. Every experience I have encountered with each of these “teachers” have taught me something about myself,or I have gained knowledge or wisdom from each of them. I may not know the reason at the time, but eventually things fall into place and I have that light bulb moment of, “ah ha!” Although, there are some experiences where I am still waiting for that light bulb moment to occur……


Just like becoming a mum for the first time encouraged me to be the best version of me that I could be; experiencing a huge heartache and upheaval in my seemingly happy marriage, encouraged me to stay true to myself, and to not settle for less then I am worthy of.

It was during this life lesson that I started investing time not only into my husband and children, but also into myself. At first I felt selfish. After all what sort of mother doesn’t spend all of her time with her children? What sort of wife wants to spend time with friends, or attending meditation and yoga classes, over time spent with her husband? This sort of mother and wife, thats who! It took for my marriage to hit rock bottom for me to see that along the way, I had lost me. It made me realise that being the best version of me, meant that I still had to be me, not everyone else’s version of me.

Of course over time, I would, and do, stray off the path of my own self worth and care, and guaranteed, each time this occurs, BAM! Another life lesson to be learnt, a new teacher to meet, encouraging me to focus again on what is important, being the best version of me that I can be. Practicing kindness and mindfulness, not only to others, but also to myself.

Back in 2012 I was lucky enough to attend the Hay House event ‘I Can Do It’ with my mum in Sydney. I still use the information and knowledge gained from that amazing event to this day. One of my favourite books that I purchased from the event was written by NY bestselling author and coach, Cheryl Richardson “The Art of Extreme Self Care”. This book is about everything you know you need to do, but we simply just don’t do. If you get a chance, check it out at or

Investing in yourself doesn’t mean that you are selfish. You are important. Listen to your body. Learn from your “teachers”. And, until next time, take care of you.

Trene x 




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