♥︎ Self love meditation ♥︎

Hey there!

So, I’ve made a self-love guided meditation……..

Hopefully the link I provide will work for you to try. I have not done anything like this before. I mean, I meditate; I just haven’t made, or led a meditation before. Me doing this for you, is really out of my comfort zone! {please be nice….}

It is by no means, a lengthy, drawn out medi. Just a simple, approximately 10 minute meditation, that can easily be done in the car waiting for kids to finish school, or while waiting for trainings to finish.

This is something that I implement within my day-to-day life. It’s amazing how centred and peaceful I feel, after doing a meditation. All to often, when life gets busy, we tend to forget to stop and reconnect with ourselves; we end up swept up in kids, work, chores and overlooking the most important thing- ourself!

“To be emotionally available for others, we firstly need to be emotionally available to ourselves”

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. Hopefully you can find my self-love gift to you here


Until next time, take care of you.

Trene x


Note to self 🖤 and anyone else who might need it……

Hey there!

I’m not gonna lie, having a positive outlook on life is great for a healthy mind and body, but in saying that……shit happens.

Relationships go through their highs and lows. Finances come and go; for me lately it’s like I’ve thrown our finances a f*#king Bon Voyage party-  just sayin’!
In saying that….

Life happens.

When life does happen, it’s easy to be swept up in all of the drama, negative, and shitty energy around those circumstances. It’s easy to accept your own invitation to your “let’s feel sorry for myself” pity party, and bask in the energy of negativity. This is exactly when you need love and positivity the most.

I know from experience how easy it is to allow your thoughts to wander to a dark and gloomy place in your mind. I also know that the longer you hang out there, in that heavy, dark cloud of anxiety/depression/fear/self-doubt, the longer and harder it is to allow light, love and positivity back into your mind and heart.

Love hard. Love harder and stronger than you ever have. Look for all the positives you are surrounded by; even when there appears to be none. Seek a friendly ear from a trusted family member, friend, or the universe/God/ Spirit (insert whatever is applicable for you)…..

Search for the lesson within the negativity. If I have learnt anything lately that I can share, it’s this….there is always a lesson. And, until we have learnt, grown and developed management strategies from what we need to learn, we will continue to be shown this lesson. It maybe presented differently each time, but believe me, it’s the same lesson!

Despite what is going on in your world, regardless to how overwhelmed with “crap” you are, and even when you feel that you just can’t catch a break- remember that YOU ARE WORTHY  🖤

When you finally see your own worth, you will only then know your true greatness and potential……

Surrender to peace and love. And be kind, to everyone…..but mostly, be kind to yourself.

Until next time; take care of you,

Trene x





Inspire, and to be Inspired 💖

Hey there!

So, 2017 finished on a high for me and my family. Our eldest son went into his second year as an apprentice builder and spent time sailing the Fraser Coast; our middle son graduated year 12, had his formal, scooted off to schoolies, then ventured to the U.K for football (soccer) and, then returned home to start work and commence training for his new football team. Our youngest accepted on invitation to travel to England (yes, for football) and commence training and playing with his new club-phew!

2018, what a year we are about to embark on………

Our eldest turns 21. Our middle son turns 18. Our baby (who is 14 this year), is heading off to England for football, AND in amongst those things, we are building a house. Exciting to say the least!

We have been living in QLD now for 14 years this coming September, and it has only been now that the stars have aligned for us, to allow us the opportunity to build/buy our home. I know without a doubt, that we are meant to be doing this right now. Every knock back, every time a contract has fallen through, and every prayer in the past that wasn’t answered, has led to us to the here and the now.

Everything happens for a reason,and for whatever the reason is, now is the time for us….

Speaking of 2018 and the now, every new year I take the time within my meditation practice to reflect on the past year, and to set my intentions for the new year, to allow myself to be open to receiving a word, phase; a theme if you like, to guide me through the upcoming year. This year, my intention is to, be inspired or inspire, through self alignment…

I pondered this over for a bit-days actually. I allowed ego to dissect my intention, and push it from my mind; every time I gave permission for that to occur, an event would transpire that would make me acknowledge my intention and own it.

You see, I believe that we are here to be happy.

God/the Universe/spirit (insert whatever is applicable for you) wants us to be living the best life we can, with the circumstances we have been given. Our souls/higher self want to be happy and living a life of “alignment”. My alignment will differ from others; what is heartfelt and good for my soul, will differ to others around me.

When I am truly aligned, my heart and soul sings ( I literally sing, even if I sound woeful), I feel like I am connected to my higher self, kinda like I “remember” why I’m here. My heart is full of love, kindness and compassion to all; and that is what I hope to inspire in others. For everyone to feel aligned, for everyone’s heart to feel full, and for everyone to see/think/feel inspired to live the best life they can, given the circumstances that they have been given.

I have been blessed along the tail end of last year to connect with like-minded people through my love of essential oils. I have sat on the sidelines watching, as well as tentatively interacting with them, but more importantly, allowing myself to be inspired by these beautiful souls of women, that I have had the pleasure of connecting with. I am  implementing the oils into my daily practices more and more, I use them to compliment the lifestyle I choose to live, the diet I choose to eat, and the toxic free environment I choose to immerse myself in (this to me means people, energy and chemicals), and hopefully, I may inspire others the way these ladies have, and continue to inspire me.

So, this year for me is going to be busy. But, my heart is full, I am feeling inspired and aligned, and I can not wait to see what manifests for myself and my family as 2018 unfolds.

Happy 2018.

Until next time, take care of you.

Trene x

Rituals ✨

Hey there!


We all have them. That moment where it feels like you’ve been forehead slapped. That moment where you actually say ” a-ha” out loud. In amongst my latest (not necessarily my greatest) wave of panic and anxiety, it hit me……“A-HA, that’s it!” I had/have been so consumed with anxiety, that I had forgotten to actively participate in two of my many, but ever so important, daily rituals. Which (in my mind) has contributed, to why I have been seriously overwhelmed with life.


  • Big Rocks & Little Rocks; my awesome gratitude journal/diary has a space allocated to the beginning of each month, to list my goals for the month. BIG ROCKS = the goal/s; LITTLE ROCKS = the how/what steps I need to take, what course of action is required and how to implement those strategies to successfully achieve my desired outcome= GOAL/BIG ROCK.

I totally skipped that part of October {gasp!}

Now the biggie……….

  • The Attitude of Gratitude; every single day, without fail, I give thanks for absolutely everyone and everything that crosses my path. Normally, I take the time at the end of the day, when the kids and hubby are tucked up in bed, to write at least three things from the day, that I am grateful for. I mean, I give thanks mentally each morning and night, but what I have been failing to do recently was; WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN!!

You see; like a legal document, or binding contract between two parties, when you take the time to hold space, write down exactly what you are grateful for, what your monthly/weekly/daily intentions (goals),  you are actively showing up and participating with setting intentions. It sets the precedent, “seals the deal”, between your higher self and the Universe/God/Spirit for more good, loving and positive experiences and people, to enter your life. Gratitude is one of the most important elements for success.

Looking back over the past month, I was successfully not showing up. I was no longer actively participating in the what/who I was/am grateful for. When I did take the time to give thanks and express gratitude, I did it mentally. Reflecting back, I was hurriedly  doing it from a primarily fear based emotion of panic, and anxiousness, not from a place of love and acceptance.

I allowed fear to override the feeling of love. I subconsciously gave permission for fear to take hold and keep me down. It’s easy to do. When you are emotionally and mentally exhausted, it is easy to find comfort, and surrender to fear and negativity. It’s bloody hard work getting up, putting on your big girl pants, and facing fear head on; but in saying that, I’ve learned that love and positivity is stronger 🖤 I’ve forgiven myself for letting these sacred rituals that I hold dear to my heart slip. And, I’ve given up keeping score with anxiety, with who wins each battle. I am though, determined to outright win the internal war!

So, on the tail end of my light bulb,”a-ha”moment, I am promising myself, that no matter how I’m feeling, I WILL show up. I WILL honour the soul contract that I have made between my higher self and the Universe. And, I WILL continue to implement my daily rituals, despite how I’m feeling!

And, on that note; I’m off to journal. Tomorrow is a new month, I have BIG ROCKS and LITTLE ROCKS to plan…..

Until next time, take care of you.

Trene x

P.S Before I go, I have to say, doTERRA oils are the best #justsayin’

Hopefully, I’ll share more on that next time…..

Sharing is caring……

Hey there!

One quote I am infamous for saying is; “sharing is caring”. In saying that, I have something to share……

‘Sun is shining. The boys and my husband are all happy and healthy. I am happy, I am healthy. I’m broadening my horizons with new and interesting activities, living a purposeful, and best version of you life. I’m running the household, managing the budget and the family; getting the right child to the right sporting activity, wrapping my head around the fact that our middle child is just about finished school, trying to stay on top of graduation, formal stuff and schoolies. Oh, and England; he’s off to England straight after schoolies on a 16 day Football Tour-very exciting times! AND, we have just bought a block of land to FINALLY build our house!

Life is FANTASTIC; busy, but fantastic! At times, I even find myself pondering if this  is even my life? How lucky and blessed am I? I am overflowing with gratitude; thank you God/Universe 🙏🏼❤️

BAM, then it hits! A sudden wave that you didn’t see coming. And just like that, I am engulfed in an ocean of panic; panic and fear, with the not knowing of which way is up or out……

So you breathe. Take a breath, only to feel like you can’t. So you try again; again and again…. Meanwhile, the suffocation from the waves of panic continuously smashing into you, keeps you restricted…….Restricted in your own mind.

You could be driving a car, in a room full of people, or in the middle of a wide open space, but when anxiety takes hold, it literally feels like you’re trapped. Trapped and struggling to breathe. You know what you need to do, breathe and stay calm; paralysed, you simply can’t! So, you roll with it. Surrender to the force and heaviness of the emotional wave, and literally ride the panic attack out…..

What’s wrong with me? I thought I was over this! Where was the warning? There were no triggers, no warning alarm silently sounding off in my mind, just BAM, and it was here…..

Exhaustion; the only word I can find to explain the after math of the attack.

Embarrassment; that others witness the whole event. AND…..

Anger; when well-meaning people say “calm down!”  Really? WTF!! If I could actually articulate any kind of cohesive sentence, whilst being engulfed in the eye of the storm, that is the panic attack, I would be telling them; “don’t you think I want to be calm? I’m not choosing to be filled with so much panic and fear. I’m not choosing to be crying uncontrollably. I’m not choosing to embarrass myself, or you for that matter”.

Then, just like that, it’s gone……

Sun is shining. The boys and my husband are all happy and healthy. I am happy, I am healthy……..’

Do I wish I didn’t have anxiety and panic attacks? Hell yes!

Do I wish others were more understanding? Hell yes!

Am I going to sit around moping when a panic attack happens? Hell no! Well….maybe for a little while……but when the exhaustion passes, I pick my sorry butt up, put on my big girl pants, and get on with it!

I’m learning that setbacks are allowed, stay true to myself and when I can……share. Sharing, really is caring ❤️

Practice mindfulness and positive self talk. Take care of you.  Create a sacred space within your home, a corner that feels personal and sacred (I have several around my home). Somewhere you can sit, and be authentically, and unapologetically you 🌈 Reflect, ponder, dream, give yourself little words of wisdom, but also listen…..Quiten your mind, listen.

Until next time; take care of you 💜 ✨

Trene x




Thankful 🙏🏼

Hey there,

WOW-it’s August already! Where has the last few months gone??

Ok, so at the moment, at our place, I have one son preparing for his next overseas trip this month. Another part way through his final year of school, and planning all that, that entails; finishing the year off happy and successfully, formal, schoolies, plus life after school, and another who is growing at a ridiculous rate (I mean, my baby is now officially the tallest!), not only in height, but as a young man in his own right, with his own ambitions and goals in life. And, I can’t forget football (soccer). There is ALWAYS football!  All of which, are bringing each of the boys, new and exciting experiences and opportunities.

Just like I have the privilege of witnessing, guiding and supporting my boys on their life path, and observing them each grow and change on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level- I too have grown. I am not the same person that I was 20, 10, 5, or even 1 year ago. The essence of who I am, was always there, but with out the experiences and relationships, or “assignments”, that I’ve had presented to me; I would not be the me, that I am today.

As the experiences and events surrounding the boys evolve and expand, I am overcome with emotion; emotion, thanks and gratitude.

The gratitude that I now feel for past relationships is overwhelming! Without me having those experiences, I would not be the person I am today-thankyou universe/God!🙏🏼

I am now thankful to past experiences that I have endured, without them I wouldn’t have the confidence to step proudly into my own truth ✨

Even in my darkest of moments, when I sincerely could not see a way out of my own mind, there was always a glimmer of light. When I allowed, and gave permission for the light to out shine the darkness; is when I permitted myself, and surrendered,  to not only know my worth, but stepping into, and embracing my own light, and worth! I now know that I am worthy. I find myself occasionally drifting out of my comfort zone, and come head to head with feelings of self-doubt, and comparison, but these days I don’t stay there long enough to entertain those feelings for too long. I now know who I am!

Regardless of my journey so far; the highs and the lows, the grief and the joy, the judgement and the ridicule, the heartache and the love; I can’t help but feel, that my whole life up to this point, has been moulding and shaping me for what is yet to come……

Until next time, take care of you ✨❤️

Trene x

No relationship is ever a waste of  your time. If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you don’t want.” ~Unknown






Practicing what I preach……..

Hey there!

WOW, nearly the end of June; I’ve been a little slack on the blog front!

To be honest, I have been taking some time to work on myself. Nothing to big, or out of the ordinary; continuing to keep myself nourished, by taking a proactive stance with my general wellbeing-mind, body and spirit, AND (touch wood) I have felt the best I have felt in the longest time.

I won’t bore you with the details, but to cut a really long story short, I have actually been practicing what I preach (yes, yes Craig, I finally listened to you).

I mean, I still worry myself stupid. I still over think everything and every situation, I still let fear and unworthiness pop in from time to time, BUT now I am in some sort of control as to how I entertain these feelings, and for how long.  Don’t misunderstand me, this is no easy task; I have finally learned, that I am stronger than I have ever given myself credit for.

For example; since my last post, I have “lost” friends. I jumped on Facebook and realised that posts from people who usually showed up in my news feed, or notifications from where I had “liked” or commented on a post, were no longer available for me to view. This did bother me! I automatically went into a panic. “What have I done?” “Did I say something wrong?” “Did I do something to offend those people?” “How will these people now treat me when they see me?” This will sound ridiculous, but I spiralled all the way back to good old familiar, mr unworthiness. He let me hang with him for a few days, he fuelled my panic, stroked my self-doubt, and repeated the mantra I knew so well “if your own mother doesn’t like you , how do you expect others to like you”……. but this time, I felt a shift, it was like a big “F#@K YOU ego”, I am not that person! I put into practice exactly what I preach, and surrendered my fears and negative thoughts AND, once again I found myself reconnecting with the Universe/God and giving thanks. Giving thanks, to being shown that there is a lesson in every relationship that crosses my path, reminding me that I am not for everybody, and that’s ok.

You see, we are the authors of our own story, we can change our story at anytime, but its got to be done with feeling. The energy we project out to the world, is what will in return, reflect back to us. If we are choosing a life from a fear based energy, such as unworthiness, resentment, anger and self-doubt; fear based energy is what we will attract. The same works for love based energy.

“When we allow ourselves to lovingly surrender and go with the flow, rather than resist and push against it, we are open to allow the universe to lead us toward that, which serves our highest good” ❤️🙏🏼

At the end of the day, I believe we are all here doing the best we can. With so much negativity and fear in the world, I truly believe that peace and love, begins within the heart and soul of each of us. One small loving gesture you do for yourself will have a domino effect within your immediate little world, which will roll on to your outer world, and so on and so forth-but you have to do it with feeling. 

Give thanks. Be grateful, even when things get you down, or appear to not be turning out how you’d like. Keep a gratitude journal, try to find at least three different things each day to be genuinely grateful for; some days you may struggle to find three, other days you may fill three pages 🌈

“Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate” ~Jordan Bach

So, as I finish my post and leave you until next time, and if you’re not already keeping a journal or giving thanks for all the amazing and loving blessings you have in your life; humour me, give it a go, you won’t be sorry, and who knows, you may just happen to attract more love, blessings and amazing things into your already amazing life!



Until next time, take care of you.

Trene x



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